Sunday of interests

After going for a 14km run this morning, I figured I would make an effort to get through some open tabs in my main web browser.


I have long been a type afficianado though my skills are ultimately limited. I take care to at least address the basics in terms of serif vs. sans-serif fonts, limited use of font faces in a document, consistent usage, etc. I use things like en-dashes (i.e., –) and em-dashes (i.e., —), ellipses (e.g., … and not 3 periods in a row) and the occasional ligature (e.g., æ or fi or fl) when I can. This is a good summary of basic rules of typography. One day I will get around to reading and paying for this guide on tyopgraphy.

The recent announcement of Open Type Variable Fonts technology by Apple, Adobe, Google and Microsoft was a case of déjà vu for me. I read a good critique of the underlying industry dynamics that may likely sink this effort like they sunk the one I poured my energy in to 20 years ago (and which launched my career in technology and marketing.)

Online hate

This article on the alt-right (aka white supremacists) movement in the USA was a fascinating and depressing read. I also read the linked article at The Daily Stormer; not for the faint of heart but instructive.

Fascinating people

An interesting article about the late Canadian pianist, Glenn Gould. As a child, I would often listen to classical music. I have heard some of Glenn Gould’s music, but more of Vladimir Horowitz, including his famous April 1986 concert when he returned to Moscow after exile.