Where to start

Lots of stuff on the go:

  • I updated the In progress┬ápage with my latest, er, progress
  • I delivered a huge solo project that involved the end to end design of a web application, from data modelling to business logic and user experience with over 40 mock-up screens and tens of thousands of words of documentation
  • I came close to applying for either a PhD in political science or a bachelor of laws degree (LLB). I got around it only a few days before the application deadlines, so I will push it off for a year
  • I am learning some new corporate presentation techniques as part of a new contract job
  • I took on a second mentoree and am learning Trello and Slack for real as we ramp her up to digital marketing glory
  • I read a book about GPS, I finished one about digital privacy, and I started one that while in 1940s USA has relevance with the events leading up to and since the 2016 US elections

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