Wednesday, Thursday & Friday… nothing really rhymes

Lots of things in the last few days though I probably won’t cover them all here.


My 3rd time swimming with a flotation belt and I am up to 16 pool lengths, from 6-8 lengths the previous session and the 3-4 the session before that. Apparently, physical activity—bodily-kinestic is the clunky term—is one of the multiple intelligences.


I started writing an article yesterday about the difference between a product and a solution. Not finished yet but I hope to share it soon. From time to time, I try to put into writing many of the things I have learned on my own in my career.

I also started an article about artificial intelligence, my first with iA Writer, the minimalist writing application that I purchased the other day for macOS and iOS. I am calling it an A.I. primer and targeting it at non-technical people. The work I am doing for it should help in one of my upcoming job opportunities. I hope to publish it on Monday of next week, both on LinkedIn and on Medium.


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